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Chicago Croquet

The Chicago Croquet League is a group of clubs to get together to play croquet in the city of Chicago and its suburbs. All playing levels welcome...from expert to never played before.

If you have your own club, you are encouraged to have your club become a member of the Chicago Croquet League. Through this league we can organize times to play and where. This league will also store all results from games played with all the clubs inside our Chicago Croquet League.

Right now, the only club in the Chicago Croquet League is the Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk. We welcome more clubs to form and join.

If any club of the Chicago Croquet League plays a game, it would be appreciated if someone can report the results of the game(s). You don't have to previously announce a game for it to be official. i.e. If I play with my relatives, I can call that a CCL game. Or if you just play with your friends, that can be a CCL game.

But we will have official planned CCL games for everyone to play too.

For more information, go to the club on Yahoo at:

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Chicago Croquet


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