I founded and moderate all these groups.
Name Description Frequency
Matt's Link of the Week A funny link sent to you every Monday. Good ol' oddball fun, quirky websites. weekly
Spudart website updates Recieve email notices when there are updates done to the spudart website
few every month
Spudart blog updates Recieve email notices when my random thoughts weblog is updated
almost daily
Creative Course Yahoo now offers classes. I'm going to teach the "how to be more creative" class. You can join now, but I'm still putting together the materials. ?
Chicago Art Dicussion group for Chicago art. join up and get coolie-schmoolie stuff about chicago art variable
Chicago Design Network A forum where Chicagoland designers can talk about design stuff. i.e.: events coming up, share good resources (printers, service bureaus,etc), share good websites. variable
Chicago Croquet A league to get together to play croquet in the city of Chicago and its suburbs. All playing levels welcome...from expert to never played before. few every month
Space Pics Discuss the astronomy picure of the day almost daily
Chicago Tennis Discuss tennis in chicago rarely
Arts and Government Discuss how the government is involved with the arts. rarely
Bacon Hampster Fan club for the hampster named "Bacon." few every month
Shawon Dunston Fan club for Shawon Dunston, great shortshop of the Chicago Cubs from 1985 to 1997. Then hopped around from Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians, San Franscisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, and New York Mets. rarely


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