Aon Center Trivia and Facts

Aon Center (formerly Amoco Building)

Designed by Perkins & Will & Edward Durell Stone, this is the giant building that Chicagoans love to hate. Because of the decline in reputation of it's architect, it's absence of corner offices, and the replacement of the original marble cladding with the present granite, it is the subject of arich local folk-lore. For his part, Stone seems to have adopted Louis Sullivan's idea of the tall office building; that it should be "a proud and soaring thing, rising in sheer exultation.....from top to bottom ..... without a single dissenting line." In it's relatively open site, it offers spectacular views of the city and the lake from even the lower floors. This slender steel structure faced with light grey granite is the corporate headquarters of Amoco. The triangular sections of granite contain the bulk of mechanical services such as the utilities and air-conditioning, thus permitting flush window walls inside the building.

Originally the world's tallest marble-clad structure. The original Carrara marble slabs turned out too thin and the building had to be recladded. The marble was replaced by thicker slabs of North Carolina speckled granite. The restoration started in 1990 and was finished in 1992.

Closely spaced steel columns that ringed their perimeter held up the World Trade Center towers. Chicago’s Aon Center (formerly the Amoco Building), completed in 1973, uses a similar support system, known to structural engineers as a “tube.”

Aon is a world leader in risk management, insurance brokerage, reinsurance, and human capital consulting services. In Gaelic, "Aon" means "oneness."

10th tallest building in the world
3rd tallest in America

5th tallest building in the world

80 stories tall
2.5 million total square footage
1973: completed
346 meters
1,136 feet

AON Center Photos:

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