sbox dropoff and pickup centers

Here's a converstation I had with my brother (yikesmoose) about boxes.

Dec 11, 2002
11:14 AM
yikesmoose fun wrapping presents for tower of gifts progam?
spudart yes
spudart i was the one sent out to search for boxes
spudart i did a good job of finding boxes
spudart i'm a good box finder. Maybe I should do that for a living. I would just find free boxes for people.
yikesmoose no one wants to hang onto boxes, but when they need one they turn into raccoons.
spudart there should be a box dropoff place
yikesmoose the library should let people check out boxes
spudart yes
spudart different types of boxes
yikesmoose people only need them for a period of time.
yikesmoose they could sell used boxes too


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