First I layed out four pencils and my glass potato. I thought it would be easier to solve this game with real physical objects.
I knew that you had to keep the shape of the cup. But I misunderstood and made this. I thought that was too easy, so I quickly checked your email with the directions. I said to myself, "Oh! the ball has to be OUTSIDE the cup."
So then I thought, well, it has to be like two sticks you wouldn't choose so I first choose that brown pencil and move it. Then I saw all I had to do was move the green one, and poof. I was done under one minute. I couldn't believe it. Is it just luck, or am i a genius! :-) My stuffed animal monkey, says dumb luck. (here's the monkey.)
Here is where I grabbed the pencils and the glass potato. RIght off my desk.


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