It would be interesting to have a super large working zipper. So large each "tooth" of the zipper is six foot tall. There would be a weird feeling of how a zipper works. And I wonder what sound it would make. If any.

Here's a mockup I made of the World's Largest Zipper. aka: World's Biggest Zipper.

(click image to view larger version)

In my search for the world's largest zipper, I came across these other zippers variations. If anyone knows of where the world's largest zipper is, please contact me at: zipper@spudart.org

Crazy Zipper Dress
(with only one functional zipper)

Married Joke with zippered car

Zipper Carnival Ride
(Spin baby, spin!)

Some weird zipper chromosome science thing called BZIP TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR PAP1 1GD2.
(Uh yeah right.)

Zipper Carnival Ride
(not spinning)

Ceramic zipper artwork

Some chemistry biology nano thing

Neat Public Art
(if I had a front lawn, I would definitely do this)

Chrome Zipper Sculpture
(the icon looks like shoe rack)

Performance Art with zippers
(crazy stuff)

Skydiving Zipper Maneuver

Cell Picture of a Zipper like thing
(looks like a cell highway to me)

Zipmobile Lane Changer
(this thing is really neat)

Fractal Image that looks like a zipper

Spatiotemporal Disorder called "Zipper boundary"
(Looks like Op-Art to me)

Some fishing joke about bass fisherman and fly fisherman.
(I don't get it)

Morg Bodybag Joke



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