Macintosh Easter Eggs
Adobe Illustrator
1. Launch Illustrator
2. + click on About Illustrator from the Apple Menu.
Adobe Illustrator
1. when you have an illustrator document open (any document). in the lower left of the document there are two boxes. the one in the far left shows percentages, the one to the right of it is the tricky mother-sucka. It can show the usual "Current Tool" or "Date and Time" or "Free Memory" or "Number of Undos".
2. + click on About Illustrator from the Apple Menu.Yes, by the power of the goddess Adobe, you can achieve the incredible--such as: Doug's Home Number, Eyes, Phase of Moon, Mouse Clicks, National Debt, Random Number, Shopping Days til Christmas
Adobe Photoshop
1. Launch Photoshop
2. + About Photoshop
Adobe Type Manager
1. Launch ~ATM
2. + + + select About Adobe Type Manager from the Apple Menu.
Apple System Profiler
1. Launch Apple System Profiler (from the Apple Menu)
2. Turn on Balloon Help (Help Menu > Show Balloons).
3. Select About Apple System Profiler in the Apple Menu and move the cursor over the names in the window.
Graphing Calculator
1. Go to the Equation menu and select Show Keypad.
2. Go to the Help menu and select Show Balloons.
3. Point to the csc button on the Keypad
Mac OS Finder
+ Select About the Finder... from the Apple Menu.
Mac OS Finder
+ + + Select About the Mac OS Team from the Apple Menu.
Map control panel
1. Type in "Middle" and hit Find.
Netscape Navigator
1. In the location field of Netscape's Navigator, type about:mozilla
2. Hit return
Quark XPress
1. Create a text box,
2. + + + press delete.

In QuarkXPress 4.0 is you perform the above easter egg 5 times, you will get a whole new surprise
QuickTime Player
1. Open a QuickTime movie.
2. + double-click in the movie window for an interesting "rendition."
Make sure to continue to hold down Shift after double clicking.
Script Editor
1. Choose About the Script Editor from the Apple Menu.
2. + and click on the words Script Editor for an interesting surprise.
3. Once the "surprise" is visible, click on the Credits button for another Egg.
1. Launch Simple Sound
2. Choose About SimpleSound from the Apple Menu.
3. Click and hold on the icon in the dialog window to see the author's name.
Sound Control Panel
1. + scroll down any menu in that Control Panel
1. Type Antler! + hit return
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