What I’m up to

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Updated February 1, 2024, from Glen Ellyn, IL USA

Daily habits

  • Blogging a creative thing every day on spudart.org. Even if it’s a super short note. Instead of posting the idea to social media first, I’m posting it to my site first.
  • Getting back into the habit of emailing daily photos to my family.


  • Making print photo albums. I take 10,000 – 20,000 photos a year, and yet I have no annual photo albums.
  • Helping my daughter make thank-you cards for her Girl Scout cookie customers.
  • Record videos of my kids talking about the art they make.




  • A radio station that plays entire albums.
  • Making shoes that leave footprints that look like the original astronaut footprints left on the Moon 40+ years ago.
  • What type of baseball art I’d like to make and sell. (When I should really just get back into making fun scorecards and let it build from there)


  • Less sugar, less Goldfish crackers
  • Celery as snacks


  • Taking down icicle lights (I’m using the January snow as an excuse for why I haven’t taken them down)



  • Just started Ahsoka. I’m on S1E2. (I finished Rebels)

I hope to update this list monthly. Although, I imagine some of these items might repeat from month-to-month. We’ll see.

(Inspired by Derek Sivers and other such pages such as Odelia Chan)