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Pantone’s top ten fashion colors for spring 2007

Here’s the official forecast for spring 2007 colors from Pantone. Which one of these colors is your favorite? Offical Pantone Color My Comments PANTONE 12-1206 Silver Peony C= 3 M=13 Y=15 K “My flesh” This is the nudie shirt color PANTONE 15-0326 Tarragon C=37 M=7 Y=60 K=0 “Shrek lives on” Tarragon. You gotta have the …

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Man’s best friend; Trucker’s best company

(A continuing analysis of advertisements that appear in “The Trucker” newspaper.) Do some truckers actually have a dog on board their rig? This pup sure looks sad. Maybe his driver wouldn’t make a potty stop and he pooped in back. Actually it’s probably the advertiser playing at the emotional strings of the trucker. “Awww sad …

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Rick Steves sell sheet

Rick Steves–THE name in travel guides. He’s now writing a newspaper column and Tribune Media Services is syndicating him to newspapers across the country. I designed the sell sheet to help the salespeople to convince newspaper editors to buy his column. Since Rick Steves already has such a great brand going with his guidebooks, I …

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1985 Topps: Classic Baseball Card Design now used by

The image for’s fantasy opening day features photos of cubs players in 1985 Topps baseball card frames. Ahhh yes. That was the year that my brother and I collected the most baseball cards from our youth. That design is classic. I’m happy that MLB decided to use it.

spudart blog is four years old!

Four years ago from yesterday was the first spudart blog post. Happy four years old! 😀 *streamers* The first blog post was Long live long tables. Ah yes the long table Host to family renunions Setting for the Last Supper Forum for panel discussions Horizon of Bruce Wayne meals Territory of high school lunches Location …

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No foil for egg muffins

Egg Muffins are so much better than they are not wrapped in foil and sit. Tribune Tower’s cafeteria lets their egg muffins sit out, so they can breath. Next door, the Equitable Building’s cafeteria puts their egg muffins in foil and they choke and suffer. They get all MOIST and nasty and all mushed up. …

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McDonalds #4444 in Chicago

The McDonalds in downtown Chicago on Michigan Ave right behind the Wrigley Building is store #4444. I just saw this on my receipt. Numbers like this make me happy.

2005 Design Competitions Awards and Deadlines

Here is the most complete list you will ever find for Design Competitions, Awards, and Deadlines. Over 56 competitions to make you happy (or sad). Here’s the link for the full list: you have any corrections or extra competitions, please just leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list. (The comments box …

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how to search for dramatic photos

I’m designing a brochure for KRT Campus, and I was looking for some dramatic images. Normally, you’d do a search for: drama, dramatic, powerful, happy, sad, joyful, and all those other words in the thesaurus. But here’s a trick… look for the verbs that play out those adjectives. The two best ones were: cry and …

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