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notification emails improved

I’m happy to announce that now when you add a comment and click the “Notify me when someone replies to this post” box, the notification emails you recieve will now have the body of the comment. Hooray! It was a tough hack to add to the program, but it is well worth it. Before, if …

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breakfast burrito chronicles

The quest with Headliners (my work’s cafeteria in the Tribune Tower) and their elusive breakfast burrito: 8/18: MONDAY the first email to Headliners: I haven’t seen the breakfast burritos in awhile. Do they make regular appearances? All I ever seem to see are those egg croissant things. The breakfast burrito is far superior. If you …

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Guinness World Records sheet

What can I say when I got the chance to design the sheet for the new syndicated Guinness World Records newspaper column? I had visions of the world’s heaviest twins sitting on their motorcycles, the dude with the longest fingernails, the man with a kazillion cigarettes in his mouth. Unfortunately, I learned that many of …

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this weekend hobby lobby

Went to Hobby Lobby with Lisa to order a custom mat for Lisa’s tiny todd marrone drawing. Something thick like 8-ply. I found a new yellow color burlap. Also looked at interesting boxes for under my bathroom sink, but none really fit. Found a wooden statue that I almost bought, so i could transform into …

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Worst Case Scenario

I was considering purchasing the “Worst Case Scenario” Game. It seems like a fun game with interesting questions, but after reviewing an opened box at Restoration Hardware, I found that I was very unhappy with the cards in the game. When you play Trivial Pursuit, part of the fun is when you are reading off …

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eyeballs emoticons

some eyeballs i made up when i was writing an email to a friend about the Chicago Tribune’s new 18-34 newspaper, RedEye: (.) (.) watching (o) (o) alert (O) (O) on caffiene (-) (-) sleepin (x) (x) dead (^) (^) happy (‘) (‘) looking up -( )-( )- glasses (=) (=) squinting (@) (@) drunk

Muppet Gloves

It’s winter time and I was digging through my closet for some gloves. I pulled out a pair of gloves that were black and I was happy, because I have a black jacket. So I wore them. They are super fuzzy gloves both on the outside and on the inside. As I did basic tasks …

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