Walking on a cloud in Paris

Photoshopping a tight rope walker onto a cloud in a Paris webcam

The Ferris Bueller vest challenge

Would you like to own the same vest that Matthew Broderick wore in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?” Many online sellers offer imitation vests that come pretty close. Others, not so close.

Monster trophy, best trophy ever

Next time you want to reward one of your coworkers, here’s a fun customizable trophy for only $12. What a fun trophy! A superhero that looks kinda like the Incredible Hulk ripping his shirt off. ROOOOOAR! Award this to someone for something really mundane. “Yes! I achieved 15% electricity reduction this past week!“ This trophy …

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Estonian 2 Kroon bills for fun

I paid $1.88 for a 2 Krooni from Estonia. The Kroon is—was—Estonian’s form of currency. The word “kroon” translates to “crown”. (Kroon is singular, Krooni is plural. Please excuse me if I use the wrong form in this post.) Paying $1.88 for a 2 Kroon bill sounds like a deal, right? Yeah, I’m pretty much …

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