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“If you have a large stomach” -McDonalds Adult Happy Meal

Today I bought a McDonalds Adult Happy Meal. It has a salad, Dasani water, a Stepometer with instructions, and “Step with It!” a walking program by Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer. The instructions stated something rather humorous: “2. Make sure the Stepometer is worn on your waistband in line with the front center of your …

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Happy New Millennium!

Technically every year is a celebration of new millennium, because every year can be the mark for a 1,000 year period.

Your age in circles drawn on a sheet of paper

A fun exercise that takes less than one minute: Take your current age in years, and draw the same number of circles on a sheet of paper, without lifting your pencil/pen.

Inspired by blog archives

Thinking about visiting Amsterdam got me digging into my blog archives, which gave me inspiration to write and photograph more.

How we each discover Bob Ross

Today’s first encounters with Bob Ross are a bit different than the 1980s and 1990s.