Croquet School

I’m thinking about going to the USCA croquet school for 3 days in Florida at the brand new USCA headquarters.Anyone interested in going? Let me know at: [email][/email] 1. 3 days of instruction (18 hours)2. Use of all necessary equipment3. Official USCA rulebook4. Official USCA shot-making manual5. Morning coffee and refreshments6. Daily Lunch7. Frameable certificate …

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Matt’s Link of the Week

I just created a new yahoo email group called “Matt’s Link of the Week”. You can join at: This week’s link:Aluminum Foil Deflector BeanieKeep out the martian rays and intercept enemy intelligence And the bonus question:Do you believe in aliens?

Bowling Alone

I just bought a book, “Bowling Alone” by Robert D. Putnam. It looks like to be a very good book. You can buy the book too, and we can discuss it. (just shoot me an email at: [email][/email] to let me know that you got the book). You can get the book at: Here’s …

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Here’s a neat email that I just got: Last night on NBC it was reported that 81% of Americans want restraint. Perhaps this suggestion is what they have been waiting to appear! A military response, particularly an attack on Afghanistan, is exactly what the terrorists want. It will strengthen and swell their small but fanatical …


Mr. T on art

go to the link on this page for Mr. T on art.Mr. T: The Toughest Sounds In The World

Baseball races

Yahoo! Sports: MLB – 2001 Pennant Watch

Mr. T, croquet and duct tape

Amazing, I found a site that has Mr. T, croquet, and Mr. Potato Head all mentioned on one page!!! And here’s one with: Mr. T, croquet, and duct tape

Long Live Long Tables

I was taking my normal lunch today by myself. Which for a long time, I have greatly enjoyed sitting down and reading a book or magazine. But today I was thinking about how lunch used to be so different in high school. Looking back at lunch in high school, it was actually a enjoyable experience. …

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