Operation Identification Log

part of the log series 8.5″ x 5.75″ x 2.5″ wood, laserprint, screwsSale for this artwork is negotiable


Rhythm of time and materials. Wax everchanging. Wax sealing and preserving. Painted color figures dance. Old fashion newspaper clipping sealed. 2′ x 2′ acrylic, wax, plastic wrap, photocopies, woodSale for this artwork is negotiable

Cooking with Chef Craig logo

The world-renouned chef at Illinois Wesleyan University once cooked for Queen Elizabeth. This logo is for his programs with IWU alumni.

Untitled (cube)

An assignment to do something with mosiacs. Most people kept it to two dimensions. I thought it would be interesting to create a three-dimensional cube with windows that havve transparencies of trees. The trees break up the view of what’s inside the cube, just as the mosaics are broken up pieces forming the structure. Inside …

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Rhythm of Creative Preservation

hands, tools of creation forming a rhythmic balance in the composition 18 x 24″ lithography print on paper, plastic, spray paintSale for this artwork is negotiable


From a series on dance and movement. 3′ x 2′ oil pastel, ink, metal, newsprintSale for this artwork is negotiable

Sculpture Doodle

Drawers warm up and practice their craft by doodling on paper. With sculpture it should be no different. Occasionally, it is good to create free-form sculptures with different materials to practice and extend your knowledge of materials. This will help your ability to work free, loose, and spontaneous. 18″ x 4″ x 5″ Found object, …

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Darkness at Noon bookjacket

A class project at IWU to design a book cover, I did Darkness at Noon, a book about the Stalin prisons. The illustration is done by me with oil pastels. Cover: Spread:

IWU Student Senate logo

This logo appears on all printed materials related to Illinois Wesleyan University Student Senate, including all events sponsored by this group.


An assignment to depict the word “underbelly.” Here is a coal miner from the underbelly of the earth. And he’s also got a “belly.” Materials are fitting for the subject matter, driveway sealer and aluminum foil. 3′ x 2′ oil pastel, driveway sealer, alminum fSale for this artwork is negotiable