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hires hi-res hi-resolution buwhahahahaha! Can you send me a hires picture? buwhahahaha! I wonder if a hires drink has more bubbles in it. buwhahahaha! get it? more bubbles? like a hires picture has more pixels. A hires drink would have more bubbles? buwhahahaha! I think it’s this engery bar i ate. TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CHOAS! HOW …

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yoo-hoo sucks

ohmigosh, do not buy Yoo-hoo if you want chocolate milk. It’s like water with chocolate powder. I even tried adding five of those half-n-half mini-moo’s to give some creme texture, but it’s still awful.

lisa’s birthday

For lisa’s birthday. i got her the napping book, some spongebob squarepeants coloring books (cuz we were looking for some a couple and could not find any cuz lisa and her sister wanted to color). And i got her a stress turtle. It’s a turtle that sings, but it’s really loud. I told her that …

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new emoticons

Tom and i just perfected the “pothead” emoticon. *–`—] : ) Tom made his excellent death by chocolate cake today. it’s spongebob squarepants! [8^D]|]= to add to the collection: alligator `—–,—,–“< person and shark in ocean ~~~~~^~~~~~\o/~~~~~


Watched some silly rescue show with lisa. Ugh, she said cuz she watched WWE the night before. But then I managed to slip in some Spongebob Squarepants. Patrick and spongebob were selling chocolate door to door, so I ate some of my spongebob chocolate while watching them sell chocolate!


went to lisa’s. drove to papa john’s in the snow. Lisa ran over the median. Watched Spider-Man. Was impressed with spider-man Lisa gave me a nice valentines card with some spongebob squarepants chocolate!!!


chocolate covered peanuts. mmmm.