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What happened to Pepsi Clear?
(also known as Crystal Pepsi and Crystal Clear Pepsi)

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Fan Quotes:
"the clear thing displays the empty calories of pop too well"
-John Weistroffer

"Crystal clear pepsi- a paradigm of early 90's America. As new and
refreshing as New Kids on the Block, and now as dead as Donnie
backstage after a concert. Alas, there is no hope that NKOTB will
make a come back, but Pepsi has a chance! Let's give America one
last look at excellence! (Pepsi, you've got a year, and then...I
start stalking.)

On this 24th of April, 2002, a group is born. Crystal Clear Pepsi is
alive in our hearts-let it be known! A day that will go down in
history... a day when the people took back the pop. April 24th: the
birth of the insane person writing this (that's me, Kare Bear, Happy
Birthday to me!),yearly rememberance of NKOTB (official New Kids on
the Block fan club day), and the birth of a new appreciation for a
soda we so cherish.

Speak your peace! Let the world know what CCP has done for you-"
-Kari Schulte, premeire member of the Crystal Clear Pepsi club

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Clear Page
Tinkering with consumer's notions of how a beverage should look can be perilous. For example, in 1992 Pepsico introduced a clear cola drink called Crystal Pepsi. It's still fondly remembered by posters on BevBoard and other similar message boards and on a few humorous web sites, but virtually nowhere else. **

Bev Board

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• You Crazy
The marketers are also well seasoned professionals. Publicist Don Larsen, who spear-headed Pepsi's "Clear Cola" campaign as well as "The Pat Sajak Show", feels he has a good a grip as any on the Internet market, despite the fact that he uses Netscape 2.0.

Complaint Station for Pepsi

Cool Drinks.com
Includes ingredients of the drink

• The Myth of Crystal Pepsi
The Myth of Crystal Pepsi dates back to the 4th Century B.C.E. when God came down to Jesus, Moses, and Michael Bolton, and said unto them...

Huge picture of the best soda in the world

History of Pepsi-Cola

• Bus-wrap ad of Crystal Pepsi

The Award-winning dog named "Crystal Pepsi"


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