If you see some dude zipping around Chicago
on one of these scooters, then it may be me on
"The ultimate urban assault scooter".


These scooters are great!
• It folds up compact, perfect for the elevated train.
• Lightweight
• Zippy and fast
• Just freakin' cool

I used to have to walk 10 blocks as part of my commute. With this pup, I can carry it on the elevated and on the Metra, then unfold it and zip along the streets. It's also great for lakeshore riding.

They're like a combination of a bike (handlebar), rollerblades (wheels) and a skateboard (board).

People on the street are always stopping me and asking about the Razor. It's a really nice conversation piece. I haven't yet seen anyone else on a foot-powered scooter in Chicago. Some people have told me they saw a couple others around.

I'm wondering if scooters will become popular, possibly on par with rollerblades. If they do, I was one of the first kid on my block to own one! :-)

My friend in Japan told me that they are very common in Tokyo.

The official website
Sharper Image (where you buy it)

Look for more to be added to this page.
• Tricks you can do
• How this works excellent in commutes
(on your shoulder or when sitting)

• me on the scooter

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