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Ravenswood for Peace handouts

About once every month, the Ravenswood for Peace stands outside the Western Brown Line stop in the morning giving handouts concerning current political situations. The women are nice older ladies with gray hair that are always so happy to spreading their political views–of which I mostly agree on. Although today’s handout entitled “The Federal Budget …

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Mr. T’s birthday

Today is the birthday of Mr. T. (May 21, 1952) Happy Birthday, foo!

notification emails improved

I’m happy to announce that now when you add a comment and click the “Notify me when someone replies to this post” box, the notification emails you recieve will now have the body of the comment. Hooray! It was a tough hack to add to the program, but it is well worth it. Before, if …

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breakfast burrito chronicles

The quest with Headliners (my work’s cafeteria in the Tribune Tower) and their elusive breakfast burrito: 8/18: MONDAY the first email to Headliners: I haven’t seen the breakfast burritos in awhile. Do they make regular appearances? All I ever seem to see are those egg croissant things. The breakfast burrito is far superior. If you …

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Guinness World Records sheet

What can I say when I got the chance to design the sheet for the new syndicated Guinness World Records newspaper column? I had visions of the world’s heaviest twins sitting on their motorcycles, the dude with the longest fingernails, the man with a kazillion cigarettes in his mouth. Unfortunately, I learned that many of …

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this weekend hobby lobby

Went to Hobby Lobby with Lisa to order a custom mat for Lisa’s tiny todd marrone drawing. Something thick like 8-ply. I found a new yellow color burlap. Also looked at interesting boxes for under my bathroom sink, but none really fit. Found a wooden statue that I almost bought, so i could transform into …

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Worst Case Scenario

I was considering purchasing the “Worst Case Scenario” Game. It seems like a fun game with interesting questions, but after reviewing an opened box at Restoration Hardware, I found that I was very unhappy with the cards in the game. When you play Trivial Pursuit, part of the fun is when you are reading off …

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eyeballs emoticons

some eyeballs i made up when i was writing an email to a friend about the Chicago Tribune’s new 18-34 newspaper, RedEye: (.) (.) watching (o) (o) alert (O) (O) on caffiene (-) (-) sleepin (x) (x) dead (^) (^) happy (‘) (‘) looking up -( )-( )- glasses (=) (=) squinting (@) (@) drunk