Fallout I: Game 2, "The Mosquito War"

As the sun was setting, a second game of croquet was constented upon to play. A slightly different course was quickly established. Much to the Mauler's approval the run on the stick started from the bottom up, allowing him to start last instead of the stressful first.

As the sun had pretty much set, and the dark had firmly established itself, the mosquitos started their assault onto the lawn. There was fear as just days before the West Nile virus was spread to Illinois by mosquitos. There was talk of cancelling the game, but all the players decided to perpetuate and uphold the sanctity of the game.

Once again, the Mauler fell back in the group, and it looked as though it would be another battle betwixt Erik and Pat. But then miracles do occur on the croquet field.

After the Mauler just completed the first corner hoop, the Mauler was hurredingly shot at the middle hoop as it was getting dark and the mosquitos increased aggression. He shot his ball and it went through the dark all the way through the middle hoop! "Shot of the day! Shot of the day!" exclaimed the Mauler. Then he never looked back as he continued to croquet and roquet his way to the halfway hoops past all the stunned competitiors who were pooping in their trousers.

Eventually Courtney Dunker and Laura Seger Laura gave their notice of relinquishment due to the heavy coverage of mosquitos. So they ablegate off their balls and exited the field in one of the first ever surrenders. Adieu!

The darkness and mosquitos grew to a near insurrmountable foe, but the Mauler, Punisher, Erik and Pat endured this greatest challenge to what would be a classic game to be relived in stories told in the future to our grandchildren.

Erik made it a close game near the end, but the Mauler staked out first under the blanket of darkness and mosquitos and he quickly removed the Golden Sharpshooter to no celebration. He then dashed inside to the refuge of the indoors.

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