Creepy Croquet Announced

Creepy Croquet 2001 at Maldre Yard upon Sunday, October 21 shall go where no croqueteir has ventured before. The first owner of the recently procurated Squirearchy Bloodmatch Championship belt shall be decided betwixt Matt "The Mauler" Maldre and Peter "Punisher" Kreten.

A match of indeed epic proportions as the Mauler has unveiled a new type of match never seen before by the Squirearchy. In a recent interview while sharpening his croquet mallet the Mauler exclaimed in a sweaty panter,

"Punisher! At Fallout 2001, we were not able to finish our unfinished bizness. It's time to finish the unfinishedness by me finishing you off once and for all finishnesses to end. Yes, it SHALL be a DOUBLE ball... AND... OH YES... AND... a DOUBLE run game. The FIRST ever seen in Squirearchy history. AND the FIRST ever Bloodmatch for the Bloodmatch Championship Belt in Squirearchy history.

Because, you see...the Mauler is deep into making history. OH YES, the Mauler likes the HISTORY. Because on that fine Sunday afternoon, the Mauler will FINISH you off, and you will be H IIIIIIIIIII SSSSSSSSSSSS TTTTTTT OOOOOOO RRRRR ................ e.
And then the Mauler will walk off with the Bloodmatch Championship belt. Oh it's true, it's MIGHTY true."

Then the Mauler was seen storming off. We are awaiting Punisher's response.

One thing that is for certain, ghosts will be made on the croquet field as someone gets buried while the other will be exalted. And there will be other exciting multi-player games.

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