G.I.Joe Classic 2001 Announced

The few. The proud. The croquet players.

Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk shall honor the birthday of the Marine Corps on Saturday, November 10 by partaking in the patriotic sport of croquet in G.I.Joe Classic 2001 at Grandma's Battlefield. The democratic will of mallet extreme shall be upheld in the grandest expression of freedom.

A true battle of militaric proportions shall occur as the Matt "the Mauler" Maldre ensues battle with his twin brother, Erik "Hammer" Maldre. This battle is like if the evil twin brothers of Cobra, Tomax and Xamot ensued in a battle against one another. Who shall win?

Only the one with the most grit, determination and courage shall be left standing with the Bloodmatch Championship belt. The Hammer plays the underdog as he challenges the Mighty Mauler. The Mauler has yet to respond as to what type of match it shall be. But a rumour was heard on the radio that the Mauler is considering another deadly two-ball match! He has been heard to say, "What else better for the battle of the twins to play a 2-ball match?"

There are many other militaristic reasons to have croquet tournament called, "G.I.Joe Classic" on November 10.
1) Birthday of Marine Core on Nov 10
2) Veterans day on Nov 12
3) Honor our country in this current time of war
4) G.I.Joe has been relaunched into the comic book business this month. (make sure to pick up your copy today!)

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