11/24/2001 Summary

The Hot Potato

The first Squirearchy tournament ever at Andrea's palace on Saturday, November 24 was also the first time the bloodmatch belt was in the possession of THREE people. The bloodmatch belt became a hot potato as it jumped from the Hammer to the Punisher to the Mauler in one short day.

The Hammer and the Punisher were ready to play a regular bloodmatch, but then the Mauler demanded that he also play to create a 3rd factor. Last time there was a 3rd factor match, the Punisher was the 3rd factor as the Mauler lost the belt to the Hammer. It seems that the Mauler was a bit miffed to lose his belt in such fashion, so he forced himself into the match to gain vengeance.

Amazingly, the Mauler's ball throughout the first half of the match always seemed to be in good position to help the Punisher. Mauler shrugged, "It just seemed that the Punisher was always benefiting from the location of my ball. I am not trying to make the Hammer lose the belt, it's just tough breaks for the Hammer. But it goes to show that the Hammer cannot defend the belt and give it a true home."

The Hammer was boiling, "the Mauler just wants me to lose this match, because he lost his belt in a 3rd factor game just two days ago."

The cruising Punisher said, "I don't care who's helping me. I can win on my own. These two guys stink."

And of course the Punisher went on to cream the Hammer and the Mauler. And the Punisher had finally won the Bloodmatch belt that he had originally created. "FINALLY, the belt has come back to the PUNISHER!"

But not for long, as the Mauler challenged the Punisher to a bloodmatch. The Hammer could not participate in the match due to cooking duties inside the house.

The Punisher's reign of the belt would prove to be very short as the Mauler proceeded to annihilate the Punisher throughout the match. The Mauler exclaimed, "Nobody except for the Mauler has been able to defend the Bloodmatch belt. All the other players have lost it as soon as they won it. The belt is not meant to be a hot potato. I will give the belt a constant and secure home that it truly deserves."

And the Mauler proved his statements to be true as he consistently defeated the Punisher in deadly quick games of shootout. Each shootout game consisted of 5 shots for each player to make it through a hoop. The gentleman who makes the most shots wins and is awarded the belt.

The Mauler won the first game and defended the belt.
The Mauler won the second game and defended the belt.
The Mauler won the third game and defended the belt.
The Mauler won the fourth game and defended the belt.
The Mauler won the fifth game and defended the belt.
The Mauler won the sixth game and defended the belt.
The Mauler won the seventh game and defended the belt.

Mauler said, "Yes, the Bloodmatch Championship Belt truly has a safe home now." And rumour has it that the Mauler has hired a high-profile bodyguard for the belt. Who could it be???

November 24, 2001 summary
Game 1
1 Punisher
2 Mauler

Game 2 (3rd factor bloodmatch for the belt)
1 Punisher
2 Hammer
3 Mauler

Game 3 (bloodmatch for the belt
1 Mauler
2 Punisher

Series of Shootouts
Mauler wins 7 in a row vs. the Punisher

Mauler = Matt Maldre
Hammer = Erik Maldre
Punisher = Peter Kreten

* indicates only one game played

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