Fallout I: Game 1, 1st Golden Sharpshooter

Fallout 1: Game 1
When the players arrived at Grandma's Battlefield, there was much bewonderment as a BADMINTON set was established in the middle of our elegant field. We where smicken with astonishment. What an unforeseen event! But croquet shall live on. Yes indeed it shall!

After playing some badminton, it was decided that the croquet set shall be established onto the field for competition of Fallout 1.

The very first Golden Sharpshooter was placed on top of the starting stake.

As pre-game practice ensued, the grass was the victor of many positive comments because of its extreme shortness. However, the ground beneath this short grass was a very bumpy ground. The plastic croquet balls were hopping all over the place. In practice, the Matt "The Mauler" Maldre had great difficulty getting through both opening hoops at once, which proved deadly for him in the opening game.

The Mauler started off the first game with a weak attempt to get through both hoops. Then following his first two weak hits, he meagerly tapped his ball to the first corner hoop.

Erik Maldre had a great run as he cleared the middle hoop on his first turn utilizing Pat's ball for a croquet at the middle hoop.

The Mauler quickly fixed his err, by croqueting his way to the middle hoop. However an error at the middle hoop allowed Pat Seger to leap past the Mauler and compete directly with Erik.

Despite Erik falling into the ballpit at the half-stake, Pat and Erik ensued battle for the rest of the course until the final pair of hoops.

It looked as though Pat had a clear run to the final, but alas, it was Erik's turn and he croquetted Pat's ball and he continued on to win the first game of Fallout 1 and the first ever Golden Sharpshooter. A grand deed indeed!

Dinner and dessert was called, then another game of that Badminton. It was quickly realized that the first three letters of Badminton accurately describes this sport.

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