Creepy Croquet Wrapup

1. New members inducted
2. Unveiling of the bloodmatch championship belt
3. First official double-ball match
4. Godfather scores highest average for one person in one event
5. Hammer scores half-court run
6. Other notes from the day
7. Shot of the day
8. Current stats
New members inducted
Ed Ryan, Kathy Maldre and Kristina "Jaws" Maldre played their first official game.
Jaws brings to the table her cunning ability to hit a ball with her mallet.
Ed brings to the Squirearchy his controversial White Sox hat.
Kathy brings the spirit of a champion.
Bloodmatch championship belt unveiled
The bloodmatch championship belt stunned and amazed those in attendence at Creepy Croquet 2001. The Mauler captured this prized possession and was quoted afterwards, "I've been waiting all my life for this. I am finally the bloodmatch champion! The world is truly in my hands. Now I wait by my phone to hear about my next major motion picture project."

The next event is Slaughterfest 2001 (I think it's on Thanksgiving at Kreten Field), we shall see who wants to contend to be the next challenger for the bloodmatch belt.
First official double-ball match.
The Mauler defeated the Punisher in the first ever official double ball match. Originally also a double-run game, it was shortened down to a single-run due to time contraints. Peter admitted that the double-ball match was, "very confusing." The Mauler was able to take advantage of Peter's double-ball inexperience.

Most of this match was digitally recorded by the Hammer. A cd with croquet movies will be released in the near future. Any interested parties in obtaining a Squirearchy movie cd should contact the Mauler (Matt Maldre) at
Godfather scores highest average for one person in one event.
The Godfather scored a 118.7 average for the two games that he played, a new record. To view the Squirearchy records, go to:
Hammer scores half-court run
In the second game of the day, the Hammer started last and had the entire court set up for him to make a half-court run. There was an opponent's ball sitting at every wicket allowing him to croquet his way to an easy half-court run. (the first official one on record)
Other notes from the day
The Hammer asked Pudlo if his brown croquet ball looked like a whopper (like the candy). Pudlo gustoly replied, "Yeah, every time before I hit it, I think should I eat it, or hit it?"
Shot of the day
The Godfather had a couple shots that day that were worthy of the shot of the day, so he earns this award.
Current stats are available on the Squirearchy website.

Creepy Croquet totals
118.7 Godfather (77.6 career)
87.4 Hammer (67.4)
75.4 Mauler (83.2)
46.7 Punisher (45.4)
43.6 Ed (43.6)
20.0 Jaws (20.0)
00.0 Pudlo (06.8)
00.0 Kathy (00.0)

Game 1:
1 Mauler
2 Hammer
3 Punisher
4 Ed
5 Jaws
6 Pudlo

Game 2:
1 Hammer
2 Punisher
3 Godfather
4 Ed
5 Mauler
6 Pudlo

Game 3 (Bloodmatch Championship)
1 Mauler
2 Punisher

Game 4 (minor)
1 Mauler
2 Hammer
3 Godfather
4 kathy

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