Year: 2001

2002 a palendrome year

Next year 2002 is a palendrome. You can flip the number around and it still spells the same thing backwards and forwards. What will that spell out for the year? A balance of good and evil? Will G.I.Joe and Cobra get along? Will the autobots live peacefully with the Decepticons? This palendromic year thing only …

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covert pictures

Someone sent me a link to a site that sells a watch that can take pictures. My response to that was:*****that’s pretty neat. i’ve been considering ways to take photographs more covertly. i thought about cutting a small hole in my jacket pocket so i can have my camera in my pocket and take pictures!*****by …

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Last day of age

On my last day as being age 25, I face a tradition that has eerily followed me since my senior year in college. On the day before my birthday, I become a lot more focused and productive with my artwork. Nov 19, 1996 (senior year)I produced the award winning photos of my head in a …

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Color Management

Does anyone have any good articles or links to color managment? Right now i’m doing mega-research on color management. I’m pulling together the most incredible, in-depth full coverage of links to articles about color management. I’m also trying to fix up our computers to print more accurately. I got bitten this past week when some …

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College of Surgeons…true name?

Here’s an email that I sent to the College of Surgeons today. I am currently awaiting a response. From: Maldre, MatthewSent: Friday, November 9, 2001 9:03 AMTo: ‘’Subject: College of Surgeons…the true name? I was just in your building in Chicago yesterday for a meeting. Someone informed me that the College of Surgeons isn’t actually …

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Oak Lawn Bike Psychos

Oak Lawn, IL the new hot spot

Matt Shultz’s bulletin board at geeklife is talking about Oak Lawn: “It has come to my attention that Oak Lawn has become a hot-spot for many would-be travelers. I don’t blame them. Oak Lawn is a veritable cornucopia of cultural events (Bed Races at Fall on the Green), hip clubs (B.J. McMahons), and trendy shopping …

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