New word ideas

New word: yollo

‘yollo’ definition: When you say both ‘yo’ and ‘hello’ at the same time, with a little ironic flavor of the old school yolo (you only live once) craze. example: Yollo Abhay! How are you? keywords: yo, hello, yolo, greeting I should submit this definition to the linguistic elites of Urban Dictionary, so they can go …

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This is artart

New word: artart

It’s kinda funny to type in the url bar: Art dot art. So arty, you have to type art twice! That should become a word. Art-art. Or simply Artart. In the art world, there’s high Art, and then the rest of the regular stuff. The two get rather confusing and blurred. But now here’s …

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Submission to urbandictionary for: skelbow

New word: skelbow

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted a word definition to Urban Dictionary. I’m digging way back to a word I learned as a child, skelbow. Ten years ago, I was shocked to find out that nobody else has heard of this word. I swear I learned skelow as a child. Even my twin brother …

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New word: snapity

Snapity is now submitted to Here’s what I wrote: definition: The interjective response to shocking sad news. A combination of “snap” and “pity.” Snap! is your first reaction of surprise, closely followed by pity for the bad news. Snapity! example: Your laptop just blew up?! Snapity! tags: snap, pity, sucks, shock, surprise, sad, empathy

The new word for “sweet” is “savory”

Oh man, that’s so sweet! One year ago today, I declared on twitter that “the new word for ‘sweet’ is ‘savory.’” Next time something really nice happens, don’t say, “sweeeeet.” Instead say “savory!” Try it right now! I’m sure you think this blog post is really savory. “Savory!” It’s fun to say. The new word …

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New word: pinbombed

word: pinbombed definition: When someone pins many many pins of the same topic/theme to Pinterest, so it takes over the screen when someone looks through their feed. example: I just pinbombed 30 different photos of potatoes! All my followers will have to scroll through a potatoland field! tags: pinterest, pin, pinning, bomb, attack, a lot, …

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New word: gomo

word: gomo definition: When you are too tired to say the full “good morning.” example: gomo. i need my coffee tags: good morning, greeting, morning, short, bonjour, buenos dias, good morrow, greetings

New word: overload

word: overload definition: When something is so immensely cute, overload encompasses the object that is cute and the feeling of cute. The viewer becomes completely whelmed, thus one’s feelings goes on overload. And the object of cuteness is an overload of cute. example: 1) I am so on overload by this cute puppy! 2) This …

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New word: weekstart

word: weekstart definition: The start of the work week. Typically Monday. People say “have a happy weekend” on Fridays. On Mondays people greet each other with a happy weekstart. example: It’s Monday, happy weekstart! tags: monday, time, day, week, weekend, beginning, start first usage: In a sticky note comics post

New word: cohog

word: cohog definition: Two people who take up all the space on the couch. example: Hey, why can’t you make room for me on the couch!? You two are such cohogs! tags: hogs, rude, inconsiderate, couch, manners, polite, bad-mannered, barbarian, barbaric, obscene, uncivilized, ungracious, wild first usage:

New word: buoyant poop

Definition: The type of poop that doesn’t flush down the toilet on the first try. Example: I don’t understand how people don’t watch to see if their poopies go down. Sometimes they are very buoyant poop. Tags: poop, crap, poo, poopies, toilet, float, floating, buoyant Source: Tweet by mattshealth, December 7, 2011 Submitted to urbandictionary: …

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