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Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies

Archiving interesting articles via PDF

I like archiving interesting articles by “printing” them as PDF files. Here’s a cool four-part series “Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies.” All the interesting articles get put into a folder on my computer. When I share the article, I always use the original web link, but often an article is taken down, or the […]

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4×4 Scrabble tile

What’s BBHA, EROG, EEPE, RWSD, TICA, IMEL, REDT, JSDO, AHII, VOEL, and ATTY? I don’t think those words appear in the Scrabble dictionary. It would be rad if the words not only worked horizontally, but vertically too. Here’s a couple 4×4 crosswords that works: M A K E A R E A T I P […]

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Death Star Librarian

I tweet as the librarian on the Death Star, @atourriten. Come follow me, I tweet very little with that account, so you won’t get overload. Here’s one of my favorite tweets: I miss @the_management tweeting. He must be bogged down with administrative details of the Death Star. That or he got blown up. — Atour […]

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91 different ways of saying crazy

Ever call someone crazy in an IM or text? Perhaps you even get a little creative and call that person ker-azee. Now you can never run out of ways to call someone crazee with this list of 96 different spellings of crazy: Alternate spellings cray cray ker-azee crazee crazies Formatting ȼяąƶ¬• √ßȑ√•≈æ√ø ȼřąƶ¬• ςŕά≈æч ČŘ√ÉŻЎ […]

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