Year: 2021

Sense of self through memories

The author of the book “Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation” appeared on one of my favorite podcasts this week, “Something You Should Know” He had this interesting insight: For us, time has this whole other layer. Psychologists would say that your sense of self. Of who you are. Is really rooted in your …

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RO*TEL® cheese sauce from McAlisters

The RO*TEL® cheese sauce from McAlisters is sooooo good. Spicy and tasty! Although my stomach does get quite the tummy ache an hour after having some. Well worth it. Solution: Now I just have some Beano® before having any the ROTEL® cheese. Tummy is happy. Tastebuds are happy. Abundance of registration marks are happy. This …

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How we each discover Bob Ross

Today’s first encounters with Bob Ross are a bit different than the 1980s and 1990s.

Vertigo sneaks up on you

Since I’ve had vertigo a couple times in the past two months, it’s a little odd that the very first track in my Spotify Discover Weekly is a track named “Vertigo“. I rather like it too! Although, I would say that this song is not at all like the experience of having vertigo.

Printmaking on streets

As anyone ever made “artist tires” with treads that make interesting art on the ground? The car then becomes a giant printmaking press, leaving a trail of art around.