Year: 2008

1991-1995 Mix Tapes from Spudart

In high school and college, I made mix tapes from recording the radio. Occasionally there might be a few songs mixed in from albums borrowed from the Oak Lawn Library. For context, I graduated high school in 1993, college in 1997. It’s fun to look back at the songs captured from that era. One of …

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99.9999999% of German music sucks

99.9999999% of German music sucks, but of the 0.00000001% that is good, it’s like REALLY good. There is no middle ground with german music. It either really SUCKS or it really ROCKS. Here is the basic categories of German music. 1. It’s like most of German pop is in the 80s, the bad 80s. Ever …

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Favorite fourth grade memory?

Beau Bergeron is the artist behind the increasingly popular snow ghosts did an entertaining presentation to IDEO. On his website’s contact form one of the fields is “favorite fourth grade memory.” Here’s my response: learning multiplication. it showed me how things in life can not only happily add up, but happily exponentially compound. Ok, so …

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