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Don’t cut up the remix

When scrolling through Spotify, many remixes of songs aren’t all that great. I’m sorry, but in many cases I like the original more. Remixes often tend to be flat, lacking depth. But that’s because I’m listening to the remixes in the wrong way. When you listen to an hour-long remix, it seems so much better. […]

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Collecting sketchbooks of today

Village on Sunny Hillside by Jan van Goyen I love how the art museums have collections of loosely-drawn sketches. Makes me wish they would collect sketchbooks from artists today. I know, I know. You have to be “historically significant” to become part of their collection. The sketch featured above was drawn in 1650 by Jan […]

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Drawing as thinking. Monkeys!

Drawing as thinking

A couple weeks ago I started a project where on my lunch break, I go the Art Institute of Chicago, stand in front of an artwork, and sketch it. I set out with this project to help improve my drawing skills, but instead I’m discovering another curious result. Sketching art is making me think. Sketching […]

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Uri Shulevitz paints like Kandinsky

One of my favorite children’s books to read to my kids is “Snow” by Uri Shulevitz. The architecture in this book is a jumble of buildings. Shulevitz’s delightful depiction of the architecture complements the playfulness of the storyline. Whenever I read this book, it’s so much fun to observe all the details of the city […]

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Rock pile architecture stands in Chicago at Franklin and Washing

Rock architecture in urban empty lot

Empty lots are fascinating. The natural growth that naturally occurs in the desolate, unattended land. Plants sprouting up, giving life. The fence sign declares no trespassing. Don’t even think about stepping foot onto this land. However, someone ignored this warning, climbed the fence, and stacked a rock pile. A little act of humanity in a […]

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130 North Franklin fenced empty lot at Franklin and Washington,

A little more permanent origami

While walking to the train in the light snow/rain, an empty lot with lots of rocks and plants always grabs my attention. This lot reminds me of the empty lot next to my apartment of 13 years. I have the urge to leave origami flowers in the chain link fence. But in the rain, those […]

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Happy birthday Massachusetts

Bringing back ‘Happy birthday, state!’

Sometimes you just gotta start making stuff. Last year, when it was a state’s birthday, I would give that state a happy birthday by leaving a sticky note on their flag pole. I would research state flag for that particular state, and find some sort of interesting trivia about their flag. That piece of trivia […]

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Pancake Robot by Parry Gripp

Memorizing Pancake Robot lyrics

“Pancake Robot” by Parry Gripp is such a fun song to memorize the lyrics. Anytime you have pancakes, you can bust out some lyrics from this song. Like this little verse: The pancake robot is coming to townHe’s mixing up the batter and he’s laying it downButtermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip50 million pancakes he’s gonna flip […]

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