Year: 2020

Free graphic design magazine 6x/year

Want a free graphic design magazine mailed to you six times a year? Here is a funny story about how my free subscription was accidentally mailed to someone else for five years. Graphic Design USA has been the trends magazine for and about the professional graphic design and creative community for over 50 years. You …

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Antarctica looks like a lotus flower

Seeing these two posts next to each other on my blog draws a connection between the shape of Antarctica and the shape of a lotus flower. If these two images look rather similar, what would a reverse image search for the lotus flower turn up? One map in particular matches up pretty nicely from …

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Growing in mud

The Hindu name Pankaj has a wonderful meaning. The word is a compound of paṅka ‘mud‘ and the suffix -ja ‘born from, growing in‘. The associated symbolism is of the lotus that is born in mud and blossoms after arising from mud. from wikipedia What a wonderful notion: growing in the mud. We think of …

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Bing says vintage apple crate labels are guerilla art

Bing has a very interesting interpretation for what “guerilla art” is. Do an image search on Bing for “guerilla art” and you’ll get a listing dominated by vintage labels. Most of these results come from a blog post, “20 vintage apple crate labels from the Pacific North West“. These vintage apple crate labels are quite …

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Minecraft-style custom wrapping paper

Minecraft and Star Wars custom wrapping paper

Every year for my niece’s and nephew’s birthday, I make custom wrapping paper. This year I did a Star Wars theme and a Minecraft theme. When making custom wrapping paper, it’s often nice to work in the recipient’s name to make it feel more custom. The Minecrafter font and Star Jedi on are handy.

Hot Wheels Name Generator

Dr. Lightning Chrome Gremlin Fireball Hero Those are some of the auto-generated usernames when you sign up for an account at You can’t type in your own username. Instead, click the “Surprise Me” button. Hot Wheels will show a random name combination. Furious Wizard Powerhouse Pipes Crunchy Chief Or if you want a little …

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Maybe one blog post per day?

I’m going back to my old method of scheduling blog posts. The beginning part of this year, I was doing great! Making about 20-30 blog posts per month. I wasn’t scheduling blog posts. As soon as I wrote the post, I would publish it. Some days I’d make multiple blog posts. I would just post …

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Fun with leopards and servals Open Access images

This serval wild cat’s coat is like a work of art in of itself. Maybe an abstract work of art. Connect the dots! It’s just amazing how many open access images are available. Like this leopard by the same artist: I’ve love to take a really big lawn and mow that leopard into it.