Warning email from Snapfish has personal touch

The photo printing service Snapfish sent me an email saying that if I don’t order any prints, they will delete my photos. Which is completely fair. They shouldn’t have to host my photos if I’m not ordering any prints.

To pull on the emotional strings, they included a photo inside the email. Here’s a screenshot of the entire email with the photo:

Screenshot of warning email from Snapfish. Let's reconnect!
Please place an order so that we can continue storing your photos.
Hello! You have photos in your Snapfish account that we are hosting free of charge. Because it costs us to store your photos, we ask that customers place an order at least once a year. In order for you to meet these requirements, we need you to place an order.

I love the picture they included! It’s almost as though they hand-selected the image. (It’s a photo of my dad dressed up as Santa some seven years ago when my brother’s kids were young). Here’s the full image:

Grandpa dressed up as santa claus sitting on couch

Now of course, Snapfish has WAY too many people using their service for them to hand-pick each photo for each person’s email. But it would be a bit amusing if they actually did have a staff of people that picked each person’s photo. Yeah, it would be creepy someone looking through your family photos. But it’s also kinda funny to think that someone you don’t know would actually say, “this photo is amusing.”

However it was done, well-played Snapfish. But I’m still not ordering any prints. Thanks.

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3 years ago
Reply to  Matt Maldre

I would love to have that image!

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