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Drawing as thinking. Monkeys!

Drawing as thinking

A couple weeks ago I started a project where on my lunch break, I go the Art Institute of Chicago, stand in front of an artwork, and sketch it. I set out with this project to help improve my drawing skills, but instead I’m discovering another curious result. Sketching art is making me think. Sketching […]

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Every Piece of Art in the Museum of Modern Art by Jason Polan

Sketch every artwork in a museum

Imagine drawing everything in the Museum of Modern Art. And then doing it again a second time. That’s what artist Jason Polan did. Unfortunately, Jason, a 37-year-old, passed away last week. Only last week did I discover his artwork (due to his passing). He’s an incredible guy. By drawing every artwork, he became very familiar […]

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Portrait of Myself

Art Institute’s Art Tab highlights from January 2020

Imagine every time you open a new Chrome tab, you get a new work of art. The Art Institute of Chicago’s Google extension, Art Tab, places a random image from their giant collection into every new Chrome browser tab. Very much like Google Arts & Culture. Except, the Art Institute’s image doesn’t fill the entire […]

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Photocopier in front of Art Institute of Chicago

Xerox selfies in front of art museums

I’d like to stand outside an art museum with a xerox machine, offering pedestrians the opportunity to make their own xerox selfie. All day long, visitors look at art behind glass. Give these visitors a chance to have a memorable, intimate portrait of their own face pressed upon a glass—the glass of a Xerox machine. […]

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Fun art museum security guards

Fun security guards at art museums

Ever come across a fun or interesting security guard at an art museum? Here’s my encounter with a security guard at the Art Institute of Chicago sharing her love of tiny details of paintings, encouraging visitors to get closer to the artworks. After spending about ten minutes with a post-impressionist painting, over to the right […]

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Greeting cards as art

What do you do with all the greeting cards you receive? Keep them in a pile and then eventually recycle them? Perhaps you keep a hand-selected group, storing them in a box. Or maybe you put the greeting cards on display in your house. Think of that greeting card display as a display of art. […]

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Warhol wall

Andy Warhol. The art world darling. The Art Institute of Chicago is putting on a big Warhol show. Members get a special preview during October 17-19, 2019. Can’t get into the members preview of the Warhol show? Get a cool preview of the show OUTSIDE the museum. Just north of the Art Institute on Monroe […]

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