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The aesthetics of baseball autographs

The aesthetic forms of the signature are very intriguing. When I paypal’ed $1.74 to the seller, I included the following note: Thanks for selling this card. It has to be one of the coolest signatures ever. It’s like a work of art. Pico’s signature is much like a Picasso cubist painting with its deep curves […]

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Chicago Art Institute Lions with Christmas Wreath: 5

Art Institute Lions for Christmas 2011

Here’s what the Art Institute should do for their lion sculptures for Christmas 2011. Wrap them entirely in crochet. People would love it. Photo from Here’s what the Art Insitute of Chicago did in 2010: And what the lion sculptures wore in 2009: What do you think the Art Institute lions should wear for […]

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Blackhawks helmets wrong size on Art Institute lions

Blackhawks helmets wrong size on Art Institute lions

Someone made some wrong measurements, because the Chicago Blackhawks helmets don’t quite fit onto the heads of the lions in front of the Art Institute. The Art Institute of Chicago posted a very nice photo album online of the helmets being installed. My brother, unlikelymoose made some good observations about the helmets: I love the […]

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A funny Art Institute flickr photo

My brother and I have commented so much on a particular photo on the Art Institute’s flickr account, that it is now their #1 most popular photo. I encourage you to leave a fun comment on this photo of people in skinny jeans standing around the free candy pile of artwork by F√©lix Gonz√°lez-Torres.

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art museum guard blog

art museum guard blog

I’m searching for reviews on the The Medici show at the art institute of chicago, and not coming up with much. (here’s a page with links) If I were an art museum guard, I would talk to people about the art and then chronicle all the thoughts on an art blog. So then there would […]

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