Blackhawks helmets wrong size on Art Institute lions

Someone made some wrong measurements, because the Chicago Blackhawks helmets don’t quite fit onto the heads of the lions in front of the Art Institute.

The Art Institute of Chicago posted a very nice photo album online of the helmets being installed. My brother, unlikelymoose made some good observations about the helmets:

I love the civic pride that the Tute displays for great Chicago sports moments. It shows that the Tute is firmly rooted in the city of Chicago.

However, the helmets really don’t fit. I suppose that’s part of the charm, but just looks awkward to me. What would work so much better is to have custom-fit Hawks jerseys. EVERYONE loves the Blackhawks jerseys (or sweaters as hockey fans call them). It’s rather well-known that the Hawks jerseys are the best looking uniforms in all sports. Why not play off that?

Wouldn’t it be cool if they did a crocheted Blackhawks turtleneck sweater on the lions?

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13 years ago

it’s been over a week now and the Tute hasn’t deleted our comments! (in the past the tute has taken strong measures in censoring their flickr page)

Onyx Makai
11 years ago

I like black hawks so I would love to get a helmet.

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