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Stack of postcards

Unlimited postal mail

Have you ever thought about sending a postal package to someone, and wished you could send it for free? The hassle of having to go to a post office, wait in line, and pay x-amount of money. Blerg. I want to just set the package outside my door, have it picked up, and sent. I […]

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Forever crossed out on American flag stamp

“America is not forever” stamp

Is the United States Post Office trying to say something by crossing out “forever” on the American flag stamp? I know it’s standard to cross out the price (or in this case the “forever”) from the stamp, so people don’t reproduce it. But here it seems a bit ironic to have images of the American […]

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What the Post Office tells us about zip codes for the White House and President

Oddities lurk in the list of all the White House zip codes

  What is the zip code for the White House? The Post Office suggests many zip codes for the White House. Use the Post Office Zip Code suggestion form, and search for: 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The Post Office gives this list of zip code suggestions: 20500-0001: PRESIDENT 20500-0002: FIRST LADY 20500-0003: WHITE HOUSE 20500-0004: THE WHITE HOUSE […]

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The intergalactic error on google maps

Your intergalactic postal address

Would you like to know your intergalactic address of my desk at the Tribune Tower? I will tell you. Matt Maldre 435 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60611-7551 USA, Earth, Solar System Local Interstellar Cloud, Local Bubble Orion‚ Cygnus Arm, MILKY WAY GALAXY It’s right by the Messier 36 of the Perseus Arm. […]

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Fun mail drop-off boxes

I would like to make a goal to always have pre-stamped postcards with me at all times. If i come across a cool-looking mail drop-off box, I can use that box. And then I could take a photo of that drop-off box with my phone, and immediately mail a photo of the mailbox to the […]

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Stamps from FI-467406

Finland stamps are the cutest stamps in the world

Finland’s stamps feature the cutest illustrations and photos. Cartoon hippos camping, animals dancing around a Christmas tree, funky shaped stamps, raspberry delights, snow dogs. C’mon you can’t beat that. This is going to make me a collector of Finnish stamps. A great big thanks to Greatscott66 for posting these. He posts fun stamps that he […]

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