July is National Free Postcard Mailing Month

Ok, so maybe all postal mail cannot be free. But the post office should allow people to send postcards for free for one month every year. This month should be far away from Christmas, so let’s pick July. What a great month! It would work great for vacationers sending postcards.

To kick start this National celebration, I sent the above postcard from my work to myself at home. Check out the cool fake stamp with the zero cent mark.

Now the question is what will happen to this postcard when I try mailing it from the Tribune Tower:

A) It will arrive to the assigned destination of my home, because the post office rules.

B) It will bounce back to me from the post office with a “return to sender” stamp.

C) I will never see this postcard again.

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17 years ago

B) return to sender

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

Return to Sender – Insufficient Postage

Leigh Hanlon
17 years ago

B: Return to Sender. But what’s ironic about “Return to Sender – Insufficient Postage” is that it involves more effort on the part of the Postal Service than to simply deliver the thing.

17 years ago

i like the logo they use in the “returned to sender” stamp. It’s a hand pointing. If the owner of that hand were to speak, they would be saying “tsk. tsk. shame on you” and the hand would be animated in a short waving pattern. Though I don’t know if it’s actually worth it to get a tatoo that large on your hand that says “returned to sender”. Or did the owner of this hand have his/her hand detached and sent through the mail? And the hand didn’t have sufficient postage or improper addressing so it was sent back to owner with the “returned to sender” tattoo added? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t the tattoo be of a hand with the “returned to sender” phrase instead of just the phrase on its own? It’s like the old saying, “which came first? the chicken or the egg?” And if you’re going to mail your own hand, wouldn’t you darn well make sure that you had the correct address written on it with sufficient postage? C’mon! I’m going to assume that the hand belongs to a woman because the finger nails are so long. here’s the stamp i am speaking of: http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/240346/2/istockphoto_240346_Returned_to_Sender_Stamp.jpg

17 years ago

So……. what happened?

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