What if postal mail was free?

What would happen if you could mail letters through the postal mail for free? That would be fun. I’d miss stamps though. Stamps are fun. But it would also be fun to just dump a piece of paper with someone’s name and address on it and have it be delivered for free.

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17 years ago

the usps should let people mail letters for free. that way people get more in the habit of using the post office. then people are more inclined to use the post office’s other business ventures like mailing packages and the such. besides email is free. postal letters should be free as well.

17 years ago

postcards! yea! though i could see spammers getting in on this. stupid spammers!!!!!! if i could mail free postcards, i’d mail one every day, too!!!!!!!! maybe you need to get a sponsor so you can mail out postcards at no cost to you. Hook up with some local business.

17 years ago

i would miss the stamps as well. i get so much enjoyment sending SASEs. i have been known to save 40 or so of those piddly little $.01 stamps. i’ll affix all of them to a SASE and i always address it with my name, followed by HRH. my foreign pen pals HATE me. mwahahahahaha!!! thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

Leigh Hanlon
17 years ago

Some postcard manufacturers employ sly deception these days. Many times, “Printed in China” (or wherever) will be located in the area where you apply the stamp.

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

DOH! I’m too late! After reading this I thought it would be a great idea to have the USPS offer everyone one month to mail things absolutely free!

16 years ago


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