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Finished drawing: two hands holding

How would you complete these three drawings?

Help my class assignments to be exhibited in New York. Please like any (or all) of these three drawings. The drawings with the most likes on the Art of the MOOC Facebook Page, will be shown at the¬†Creative Time Summit in New York on November 14-15. Drawing 1: The unfinished drawing features a bunch of […]

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I love asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions and more questions might help you to brainstorm better. Instead of brainstorming answers, brainexplore questions. Tanner Christenson writes in¬†Focus on brainexploring, not brainstorming, to have ideas: So I recently began experimenting with a new exercise for creative thinking, one that is less likely to lead to biases and much more likely to take […]

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Wet Cement by Marissa Huber

What would you write in wet cement?

photo by marissandrew What would you write in wet cement? Guerrilla artist Uncustomary asks this question. (She answers with “you are beautiful” in her cement) A fun phrase to write in wet cement would be, “Carve your dreams on the moon.” Concrete sidewalks are like the surface of the moon. Walking along on the sidewalk […]

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Where is the awesome monkey power?

How is it possible that the hashtag #awesomemonkeypower does not exist on Instagram? Only seven results on Google. “Awesome monkey power” hasn’t been used on Twitter since 2013–and just once during that year. And one time for 2012 and 2011. Technically the phrase isn’t even used on twitter, because it’s cut across two separate sentences. […]

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You're the dreadlock cactus by Jason DeVoll

What would you say about this cactus?

“You’re the dreadlock cactus,” says Jason DeVoll the photographer of this image, “I don’t care about ‘official names’” I say, “It’s alive!–oh wait, of course it’s alive. It’s a plant. ha. The sign looks so tiny next to this cactus monster. I’m surprised the cactus hasn’t eating the sign yet.” What would you say about […]

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I almost brought my bat with me to vote

Should you bring a baseball bat to the voting booth?

Every year my company, Tribune Media Services, used to have award ceremonies. One of the awards was Rookie of the Year with the trophy/plaque thing being an actual Louisville Slugger baseball bat customized with the recipient’s name and his/her first year at the company. I won the award in 2000. Today I was going to […]

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