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Is Quark dead?

If your company is desperate for new customers, you would probably respond to customer inquiries, right? Quark was the king of the design layout world in the 1990s. Every single professional designer used QuarkXPress for layouts. However, in 1999 Adobe announced a rival layout program, InDesign. By the mid 2000s, InDesign ruled and Quark was […]

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The super-adorable Twinkie factory uniforms. They look like Twinkies!

How much does the average Twinkie factory worker make?

(clipping from the Chicago Tribune) Twinkies are being produced again. I love how the new Twinkie factory workers look like Twinkies! Look at their white shirts matching the creme and their yellow hard hats matching the yellow cake. Twinkies making Twinkies! ADORABLE! Some people are very upset about how Twinkies didn’t rehire back all their […]

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Blackhawks Celebration Parade 2013

Do we over-praise sports championships?

Photo courtesy theatregirl25 via flickr Sports celebrations are fun. I love a good celebration and gathering of people. But when protestors gather, why do we see them in a different light? Monica Reid of Chicago’s Gapers Block wrote an excellent article, “The Problem With How We View Sports ‘Celebrations’“ She compares our perceptions of the […]

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If you have a machine, you feel obligated to return a bunch of calls you

Did you ever have an answering machine?

(Calvin and Hobbes comic strip courtesy of Gocomics.) I love how Calvin and Hobbes reruns bring back the past. Take a look at the first line, “I think we should get an answering machine.” Oh, the days of deciding to have an answering machine. I remember going home to my first apartment and always checking […]

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Have you ever gone to Ever? I never have. Amazingly, is the 30th most visited website on the internet! That’s right. Alexa ranks at #30. is ranked higher than tumblr at #32. Really? More people go to than tumblr? Other sites that beats in traffic: #39 #44 […]

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Calvin & Hobbes improved

What ruins a great majority of comic strips?

Many comic strips start off with a good joke, but then a disgruntled reaction is tacked on in the last last panel. This disgruntled reaction is most times completely unnecessary. Let the comic genius of the goofy character do their thing. If a character wants to say something funny, let that joke stand on its […]

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