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Corny joke

Corny joke

A friend of mine writes a bi-weekly humor column where one of the columns was about how corn is taking over everything with the new ethanol fuel, and how many items are made from corn products. I thought it would be funny to make a little art installation (aka practical joke) where hundreds of print-outs […]

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Merry Christmas Adam

I hereby declare the day after Christmas to be called “Christmas Adam.” Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas, so it only makes sense to declare Christmas Adam for December 26. It’s really cool how Christmas is such an important day, that it’s the only holiday to have a holiday dedicated to the day before […]

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God born as human today

Almighty powerful God. The one who can move mountains. Who formed the planet with His hands. That same God. He was funneled into a baby. All that glorious power squeeezed into a baby. Christmas is an amazing day. You’ve heard that Jesus paid for your sins. And the sins of the world. One person pays […]

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