Funding for Metra rejected by Illinois House Reps

Illinois House votes on public transit funding Illinois House votes on public transit funding
Many of the Reps in the Illinois House have Metra stations in their district. However, many of these Reps did not vote to pass funding for Metra. $400 billion is needed a year for Metra, CTA and Pace.

Here’s a list of the north and northwestern suburban Metra stations with a corresponding list of who their rep is, and if he/she voted for the funding.

There’s a couple problems that are happening right now with the funding issue:

1) Everyone in Chicago complains about the lack of support. They are right. But emailing your rep who actually voted FOR the funding isn’t gonna do much. It’s the suburban reps that need to be emailed.

2) How do you get the suburban commuters to email their reps? Let them know that their rep didn’t vote for the funding. Many commuters are shocked to hear this.

3) Right now there isn’t an easy way of communicating to people if their rep supports the funding. People have to go to a website, enter in their address, find their rep, then somehow find out if their rep voted. TOO LONG.


Let people know via an easy method they can understand. The charts (view them here) are designed to look like the Metra schedules they are familiar with. A commuter can look up his/her stop, and then easily see if their rep voted. And an email is listed right there!

I’m going to be designing these into flyers to hand out and post on the trains. I’m convinced this is a major way of changing this around. As Americans we have to voice our opinion to our reps and let them know we need funding for mass transit. Anyone that is willing to help me with this, please let me know. You can help distribute flyers, or even help proof the flyer (I have a rough draft right now that is not posted online if you’d like to see).

Thank you.

Illinois House votes on public transit funding

Illinois House votes on public transit funding

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Kristina Jarosik
Kristina Jarosik
14 years ago

spud, i’ll proof your flier. i’ve got a pretty good eye for catching the details. you can email it to me at yahoo or work. kris p.s. not sure if my suburban friends will help pass them out, but they might send an e-mail. when the fliers available as a .pdf let me know and i’ll e-mail it out. i think i’ll be on the western metra line on saturday to visit a friend in brookfield-riverside. if you finish that line, i’ll help share 😉

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