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This site is the blog and webcomic of Matt Maldre, a graphic designer and public spaces artist in Chicago.

What's on this site:
This site is a place to share interesting thoughts. Whenever I have an idea for an art project, I'll post it here and the feeback from others really helps the idea to grow and be much more. I love it when people leave feedback on my ideas.


What does "spudart" mean? My approach to street art


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Social Media:



Senior Designer/Web Marketing Strategist for Tribune Content Agency in the historic Tribune Tower on the Magnificent Mile of downtown Chicago. Some occasional illustration work for them too. 


My amazon wishlist. It's got a bunch of books, CDs, games, and other fun things that I'd like to get. Do you have a wish list?

Personality Type:

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, I'm a INTJ (the Mastermind, Free-thinker). Specifically the numbers are 77 70 38 52 (with 0 being borderline, 100 being the most). Go ahead and take the personality test. Contact me and lemme know what you are.

What I like:

Theology, croquet, art (art theory, public art, oil pastels), design, structures, stats, metaphors for life, libraries, predicting fog, digging holes, toys, chicago cubs, how thing are made, benches instead of chairs, observing solar flare activity, big thick furniture, wool, welding, wrapping gifts in wacky ways, the color gray, macs, paper airplanes, dirt, window washers. View over 500 of my favorite things.

Favorite books:
Influential artists:
  • Joseph Beuys (The great teacher and artist. Warmth over coldness)
  • Jörg Immendorff (German artist who coined the phrase, "Painting must assume the function of the potato. He makes great paintings too.)
  • Christo (A fantastic installation artist that really involves the community and all aspects of life into his art. When he can get the cashier ladies at the grocery store to discuss what is art, oh dude! That is incredible)
  • Edward Hopper (Great moods established by his work. Amazing colors)
  • Jackson Pollock (The studly artist himself.)
  • Starn Twins (Their work is totally my aesthetic)
  • Laslzo Moholy-Nagy (The masta of transparency and structure)
  • Erik Maldre (creative work, my twin)
  • Andy Goldsworthy (incredible arrangements made in nature from rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.)

Contact me, I'll be happy to talk.

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