Year: 2011

106 billion sticky notes can cover all of Chicago

Precisely it would take 105,714,892,800 sticky notes to cover every square inch of Chicago. How did I come with that? 3 inch x 3 inch sticky note 63,360 inches per mile 63,360/3= It takes 21,120 stickies lined up to cover one linear mile. 21,120*21,120= 446,054,400 stickies cover one square mile. Chicago is 237 square miles …

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Pood: It’s not what you think

I played the word POOD in Words with Friends. I always thought the past tense of poo would be spelled POOED. My second-grade humor was greatly pleased when Words with Friends accepted POOD. What a great Scrabble potty word to play. When you play POOD, make sure to toss out the real definition: “a Russian …

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Screenshot of a polar bear with a tube stuck on his head

Looking at the world through a tube

I’m glad he got the tube off his head. This Youtube video reminds me of the time when Unlikelymoose and I were at an art museum in San Francisco and we saw someone walking around looking at the artwork through a rolled up map. It might have even been a paper towel tube the person …

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Two pinterest pins that belong together

I saw these two pins on the same day. Somehow they belong together. Here’s the links: First one: Face protector thing Second one: Baby face thing I like how the caption on the first one talks about how ridiculous it is, but then the equally ridiculous second pin talks about how it’s so smart!

USS Enterprise an aircraft carrier?

Sparxmind pointed out to me that the USS Enterprise on wikipedia seems to be depicted as an aircraft carrier. Last time I checked it was a spaceship in Star Trek. Maybe it actually is the Star Trek spaceship in that illustration, it’s just one of those things where it’s a weird angle.

English words with double-i

It seems like my Scrabble / Words with Friends rack always ends up multiple i’s. Does the letter i like to group together in herds? If you have the double-i syndrome like me, here’s some words that might come in handy for you. alibiing filariid retiarii aalii aaliis bacchii congii coniine denarii genii medii nauplii …

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Mattress in an alley

One mattress photo. Three different websites. The comments that resulted.

Tweeting about pooping

Everyone on twitter has the urge to tweet about what they eat. Or how their knee hurts. It’s the typical stupid twitter joke that comedians tell. I avoid tweeting about such uninteresting things on my main twitter accounts. That’s why I tweet them on my not-so-great twitter account devoted to my health, @mattshealth. Totally boring, …

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The Christmas lights machine gun

I’ve always wanted a gun that shoots out strings of Christmas lights. I would hold the Christmaslightstring Machine Gun in the G.I.Joe Roadblock style and yell out in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!” +chugga chugga chugga+ (that’s the sound of the machine gun shooting out christmas string lights) …

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Fun mail drop-off boxes

I would like to make a goal to always have pre-stamped postcards with me at all times. If i come across a cool-looking mail drop-off box, I can use that box. And then I could take a photo of that drop-off box with my phone, and immediately mail a photo of the mailbox to the …

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