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Fun mail drop-off boxes

I would like to make a goal to always have pre-stamped postcards with me at all times. If i come across a cool-looking mail drop-off box, I can use that box. And then I could take a photo of that drop-off box with my phone, and immediately mail a photo of the mailbox to the […]

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Social and economic influences on the future of theatre

The future of theatre is a paper my friend John is writing. This 5th question was very interesting: 5. Is there any social and/or economic politics that can effect or affect the future of building stages and theatre architecture? Here’s my response: In our age, fear is ruling the day with our economics. Less funding […]

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New word: CRZAY

Word: CRZAY Definition: When something is beyond crazy. You can’t even get yourself to say crazy the normal way, you end up saying CRZAY. Example: Person 1: This donut is so CRZAY. Person 2: You mean crazy? Person 1: Did you hear what I just said? I said CRZAY. Tags: ape, batty, berserk, bonkers, cuckoo, […]

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Running into people in the aisles of Google

Browsing through the public library, you see others standing in the same subject aisle as yourself. But when you Google something, you don’t see others doing the same search as you. Google should have an option where you can turn on public searching. You can then see when others are searching similar topic areas as […]

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Hard to spell words

Are there any words you find hard to spell? Here’s my collection of tweets over the past few years that shares my difficult words: “rubbage” is actually spelled “rubbish?” #learningtospell I tend to spell simplier instead of simpler, which is ironic, because I’m making the word more complex. #learningtospell simplest? wow. i thought it was […]

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Urban squid attacks chicago: 5

Urban squid seen in Chicago

My photo is featured on the homepage today (archive in Rearview). This caution tape was flapping around so fast, it was like a squid swimming in water. It really did! You ever see squids swim? Their legs flap around in a sort of synchronized motion. And that’s what this caution tape totally looked like. […]

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