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Counting by tens instead of ones

Happy 30th birthday for the 8th time! Perhaps you’ve heard this joke. But what if this was really true? Perhaps there could be a number system that counts that way. Instead of counting on 1s, you count on 10s. What if we turned one year older every 10 years? When you turn “38” you are […]

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Prime numbers as we get older

Don’t you love it when your age is a prime number? I do. Currently I’m 37, a prime number! That only happens twice in your thirties (the other age being 31). Which decade of your life has the most prime number birthday ages? List of prime number ages, sorted by decade: 2, 3, 5, 7, […]

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Is 12 noon pm or am?

Is 12 noon pm or am? I always get confused. Who would be the best person to help me out? None other than the people at AM/PM gas stations. Here is a series of letters I have written for AMPM where we get to the bottom of the matter of fixing this noon pm/am thing. […]

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Special number in my inbox

I reached 12345 messages in my m***@spu*** inbox. It looks kinda cool. Note, this is not my regular gmail. This inbox is for m***@spu***, hosted by google’s gmail. It’s my general email address I use to sign up for everything. If you want to reach me personally, either use my art******@gm***.com or my contact form.

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Counting in Jawaese

Jawaese is the language that Jawas speak in Star Wars. They are desert scavengers. Selling what they find. Thus numbers are very important to them. Here’s how to count to ten in Jawaese: 1 Po 2 Ko 3 Kyo 4 Yo 5 Dyo 6 Lyo 7 Does not exist in Jawa arithmetic 8 Ho 9 […]

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