Tweet number 100; 1,000; 10,000; one billion, ten billion

In honor of 11/11/10, I bring you the tweets at significant numbers.

Tweet #100. Twitter was really exciting at the start.

Tweet #1,000. The first people on twitter were party animals!

Tweet #10,000. Curbing your wheels?

The one billionth tweet. At first glance this tweet looks like it would stink. A tinyurl? But the japanese is actually kinda neat. “”Grew the most of her teeth” and another 19 faint chan! 19 years after that!”

The ten billionth tweet. Twitter is taken over by people who cannot spell.

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Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

I (heart) “Curbbing your wheels” means to turn the front wheels towards the curb when you park (esp on a street with a slope) so that if your car falls out of park mode it won’t roll down the street The internet is taken over by children under 13 who have spent more time throughout their short life texting rather than writing book reports Pretty cool that you can find iconic posts!

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