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croquet you cant touch this

Croquet taught me the lyrics to MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This

The croquet twitter account @HammerTimeCroqu started following me today on Twitter. That is, they are following my croquet-dedicated Twitter account, @mightymauler. Yes, I have a Twitter account dedicated to croquet. Not just croquet, but my superhero alter-ego persona on the croquet courts, the Mighty Mauler. My Twitter account bio calls me “the croquet superhero.” This […]

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Yahoo Answers logo

Yahoo deletes helpful and fun questions

Yahoo Answers is like the Wild West for questions. You can ask anything; and the general public answers your questions. With the general public giving answers, you get a range of helpful answers to completely stupid youtube-like responses. It’s a mixed bag, and that’s what partly makes it fun. Anything can happen. Yet, Yahoo will […]

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The ewok line

Why does Yahoo hate Ewoks?

Yahoo deleted my question, “Why do ewoks like croquet?” Everyone knows that ewoks love to play the game of croquet. They are woodland creatures, croquet only makes sense for them to play in their habitat. Ewoks are also extremely playful. They would play croquet all day long. Perhaps Yahoo think that Ewoks don’t like croquet. […]

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Fun letters to the president

Your question to the President of the United States

If you could ask the president anything, what would you ask? I have a few questions: Is there a working telegraph machine in the White House? Does the White House still have Rutherford B. Hayes’ croquet set? Why does the signature on the 2013 $1 bill look like a Hostess cupcake swirl? The great thing […]

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Bingoo is a word, that

Bingoo is a word, that’s happy!

I found a new blog that is full of fun happiness. While leaving my first comment on the delightful intergalactic croquet photo, my captcha said, “bingoo.” Who knew that “bingoo” is a word! Oh captcha how you can bring about such fun words. Especially when they are coupled with super fun blog posts like this […]

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