Ideas for ceramics

Ceramic paintbrush holder Ceramic paintbrush holder

Here’s some ideas of projects I’d like to take in my next ceramics class:

1) Funny trophies

There are absolutely no trophies in the world with a statue of a croquet player. That must be fixed.

2) Chicago molds

It would be fun to make quick molds of certain things that are very chicago-esque. L stations have plenty of cool things to take molds of. i.e. On every L car there is a one-inch by three-inch metal plaque by the doors with the car number. Take a quick mold of that, and then you can use those numbers in any ceramics piece. The numbers could make for a cool decoration treatment on a bowl or mug.

The image on this post features the ceramic containers I created to hold my paintbrushes. The water emblem on the container is made from a plaster mold I made of a water cap from the sidewalk outside the original Location of Lill Street Studios in Chicago.

3) A set of dishes

Actually to produce this in a wheel class would be enough for an entire term.

4) A statue of a small figure praying

I’d like to place these in corners in public places. Just a little reminder to people to say a prayer.

5) A nice plant box

It would be neat to make a container that is the exact width of the window by my desk at work. (Well, my future window, i’ll be moving seats at work soon).

Once I get enough ideas, I’ll jump back into another class at Lill Street.

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17 years ago

matt–i think you need to add the perfect teapot to your pottery must-haves! since i think you’ll achieve it before i ever do. j

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