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SPOILER ALERT: Gravestone for Sentinel Prime in Chicago, Transformers 3, TF3 movie

Transformers 4 filming returning to Chicago

A movie-filming helicopter floated above my head while walking home tonight. Memories of Transformers filming in Chicago rushed through my head. Having downtown Chicago taken over by Transformers made the summer of 2010 much fun. Hearing gunshots outside my window. Giant fireballs exploding across the street. The famous scene where Optimus Prime swoops in and […]

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eBay is for memories

I found a childhood friend because of eBay. I told my brother about how I was bidding on a Huffer transformer toy. Erik wondered if we had that toy or Marty our friend down the block did. I’ve tried googling my friend’s name before, but his name is a little too common, so I never […]

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Youtube videos of Transformers techno and dance music

Here’s a collection of 10 youtube videos that feature Transformers clips with techno/dance music in the background. Transformers Soundwave breakdancing! Soundwave, one of the coolest Transformers ever, is a totally rad cassette player from the 80s. It only makes sense that he can annihilate the dancefloor by breakdancing. Super cool video. This video is what […]

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Transformers "Dark of the Moon" movie filming Chicago on Wacker Drive, Optimus Prime kicks butt scene

Transformers “Dark of the Moon” movie filming Chicago on Wacker Drive, Optimus Prime kicks butt scene

A giant fireball explodes on Wacker Drive for the Transformers 3 movie, “Dark of the Moon.” Now that the trailer is out, we know that this is the location where Optimus Prime kicks some serious butt with his sword. This is a real photo of what actually happened during the July 21, 2010 filming in […]

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Transformers totally destroy Chicago

STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH THE NEW TRANSFORMERS TRAILER. At first when I was watching it, I thought, “oh this is neat” but then they showed more and more Chicago, and i was like WHOA WHOA I CAN’T BELIVE THIS. INCREDIBLE. I had a front row seat at the Tribune Tower watching them […]

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Space shuttle complainers

IDW G1 Card – Astrotrain by *Guidoarts Chicago didn’t get a space shuttle. But are we complaining? Nope. But it’s fun to hear the other cities complain. From CNN: U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said the Johnson Space Center in Houston should have been one of the retirement homes for an orbiter, “but it is […]

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